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Simply, this is a springboard to many SVLC worship services meant for the congregational members of the church.  These are sorted from most recent to oldest (by date). We do appreciate the many efforts to provide these online.  And, of course, we are sorry for an inconvenience when technical issues occur and a video cannot be uploaded or something goes wrong when trying to view.  More than that, we appreciate you for seeking to continue to be a part of our church family even though you may not have been able to join us that day.  God’s Blessings.

Video Archives 

(from most recent to oldest)

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September 12th – The Bible – Pastor D. Huskamp

September 5th – Skill Fade – Pastor D. Huskamp


May 23rd– The Power of Pentecost – Pastor D. Huskamp

May 16th– The Power of Prayer – Pastor D. Huskamp (may not have audio, sorry)

May 9th – May Your Joy be Complete – Pastor D. Huskamp

May 2nd – Abiding in Christ – Pastor D. Huskamp

April 25th– Pastor D. Huskamp

April 18th – The Miraculous in Christ Jesus – Pastor D. Huskamp

April 11th – Forgiveness of Sin, Priority #1 – Mr. Tom Halvorson

April 4th – “But We Know the Truth” – Pastor D. Huskamp – HAPPY EASTER! CHRIST IS RISEN!

March 28th– “A Living Sacrifice” – Pastor D. Huskamp (fixed)

March 21st– “Saved to Serve” – Pastor D. Huskamp

March 14th – “God’s Amazing Grace” – Pastor D. Huskamp

March 7th– “The High Price” – Pastor D. Huskamp

February 28th – “Counting the Cost” – Pastor D. Huskamp

February 21st – Pastor D. Huskamp

February 14th – “Seek the Lord and Live” – Pastor D. Huskamp

February 7th – “Saved To Serve” – Pastor D. Huskamp

January 31st – “Calculated or Careless” – Pastor D. Huskamp

January 24th – “Keep Watch” – Pastor D. Huskamp – Annual Church Meeting @ 1:02:00 (1 hour, 2 minutes in)

January 17th – “Like a Thief in the Night” – Pastor D. Huskamp

January 10th – “Are We Living in the Last Days?” – Pastor D. Huskamp

January 3rd – “Is This The Beginning Of The End” – Pastor D. Huskamp



Dec. 27th  |  Christmas Eve   |  Dec. 20th   |  Dec. 13th  |  Dec. 6th   |  Nov. 29th   |  Nov. 22nd   | Nov. 15th

Nov. 8th (sermon only)   |  Nov. 1st   |  October 25th   |  Oct. 11th & 18th (no video)   |  Oct. 4th   |  Sept. 27th

Sept. 20th   |  Sept. 13th   |  Sept. 6th   |  Aug. 30th   |  Aug. 23rd   |  Aug. 9th & 16th (no video)   |  Aug. 2nd

July 26th   |  July 19th   |  July 12th   |  June 14th – July 5th (no video)   |  June 7th   |  May 31st   |  May 24th (no video)

May 17th   |  May 10th   |  May 3rd   |  April 26th (no video)   |  April 19th   |  April 12th   |  April 5th   |  March 29th

March 22nd   |  March 15th   |  March 8th   |  March 1st   |  Feb. 23rd   |  Feb. 16th   |  Feb. 9th   |  Feb. 2nd

Jan. 26th   |  Jan. 19th    |  Jan. 12th   |  Jan. 5th   |   2019  |  Dec. 29th   |  Dec. 24th   |  Dec. 22nd   |  Dec. 15th


June 21st – Upload – Past Scriptures from Sundays (Names of God)

35th Anniversary Scrapbook Video


Laura Perry – Transgender to Transformed – January 12th (~58 min.)

Meet Laura Perry as she shares her testimony of freedom from gender dysphoria.

To view the worship services, you’ll need to follow these steps:

      1. Click on the desired worship service below.
      2. Most of the time, you’ll need to download the video from the online platform where the video is stored (in this case, it is Google).
      3. When you download, at this time, we are confident you’ll have nothing to worry about concerning a “virus” or anything other technical issue.
      4. After the video is downloaded, you’ll be able to watch the video in its entirety.
      5. You may choose to save the video to your computer, HOWEVER if you are not interested in SAVING the video OR having it downloaded on your computer in your “Downloads” file
          1. YOU CAN, go into your “File Explorer” or Folders on this PC, look for the folder “Downloads”, double click it.
          2. Find the specific downloaded video, right click it (sometimes you’ll need to look at the date, time, and type of download)
          3. On the menu that pops up, “Delete” will be toward the bottom of the menu, click “Delete” (this will delete the file from the “Downloads” folder, however it will still be retrievable in the “Trash” or “Recycle Bin” on your computer. To fully, delete this video file, go to you Recycle Bin on your Desktop and delete from that location as well).


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