2022 VBS Registration Form




You will be able to register at Shepherd of Valley Lutheran Church TOMORROW morning before VBS begins.  Please do show up early in order to register; there may be several children registering.


Folks, there are two ways to register your children via this page.


  #1 - Below, you can click (in the METHOD #1 section) on the picture to the right or on the link on the left to be taken to a Google Form that has an online version which can be filled out very quickly.  Unfortunately, if you have more than one child participating/enrolling, you will need to do a separate VBS Registration Form for each child.  Sorry for that inconvenience, but it does help us out on our record keeping.  By clicking this link, it will not create a new tab, so it will take you away from the www.svlcsidney.org website to register.


  #2 - Further down this page, you can save and print off the image at the bottom, fill it out and bring it to Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran before the start of VBS on June 6th (8:30am).  It would be very helpful if all registrations could arrive prior to the 1st of June, but we do realize not everyone will be able to do this.  So, for the few that are not able to get their registration(s) in prior to June 1st.  Please bring this registration and the recommended donation of $30 per child on June 6th prior to 8:30am.  And, we'll try to get your child registered as quickly as possible so that they don't lose any time with the many fun and Bible-filled moments that morning.


Please try to register one of these methods

prior to June 1st. Thank you.



To donate: $30 per child registered,





sonwest a


Most computers will let you either SAVE a picture/image or even PRINT an image directly from a web page. 

Below is our VBS Registration Form for June 2022.

You should be able to "Right Click" on your mouse's right button when hovering over the image below. When you click, a pop-up menu should come up.  On that pop-up menu, you may be able to "Print" the image. If so, then, if you want a paper copy to fill out, this would likely be the simplest method (just make sure you have a printer hooked up.)

However, if you do not have a printer or a "Print" option.  Then, you likely have a "Save Image As" option.  This would be a good way to save this form onto your computer.  Save it as a .JPG, a .PNG, or even save it as a .PDF.  In any of these cases, you should be able to pull it back up from the location you saved the image, to be able to print it off later.  (And, if you save it as a PDF, you may be able to fill it in by typing the information, and then printing it off.)

Lastly, if none of these methods work for you. Please call the office at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church and someone can try to get you a copy of the registration form some other way.  Thank you.